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The JUXT brand is about individuality and boutique design services.

About Juxt

Christy Bailey | Graphic Designer

Why Juxt

Why Choose Juxt Creative

You are a discerning client who wants to stand out. You know the difference between what is pretty and what is effective and you want to partner with a designer who will truly work with you to turn your vision into reality.

Welcome to JUXT Creative where collaboration, passion, and talent delivers big results.

As a freelance designer who has had the privilege of working with some pretty big brands over the past decade, I know what it takes to deliver unique and eye catching designs. On top of having a keen eye for detail, I have a solid reputation for exceeding client expectations and forming long term partnerships which is why 90% of my current business comes from word of mouth referrals.

The JUXT brand is about individuality and boutique design services. I do not aspire to be everything to everyone but rather aim to work with individuals and organizations who will challenge me creatively and who may require a wide range of design and production services.

In the dictionary the definition of juxtaposition is "an act or instance of placing close together or side by side"

My craft and my child are my juxtaposition. You see, I had a job I loved but after my maternity leave was over I was pulled between wanting to return to that job and staying home with my little girl. I wanted to continue my path down a career I was passionate about and I wanted the flexibility to be available for my kid. 

So Juxt Creative was established in 2014 and I could not be happier. This decision has led me down a path where the creative projects flow and has brought me more success than I imagined. Plus I get more time with this little one.

Thank you to all my clients that put their trust in me, all my mentors who taught me, all my friends and family that support me and my husband who told me I could do it!

What people are saying

“ What goes into your decision to work with someone? Personally, I first ask myself:

1. Am I comfortable collaborating with this person ongoing?

2. Do I trust this person has my and the organization’s best interest at heart?

3. Will this professional relationship be any fun?

Christy Bailey meets “all of the above” criteria plus she’s a creative tour de force. She is able to balance a marketing acumen with artisitc sensibility to produce effective design communication.”​

Dinno  Espiritu | Studio Manager | MacLaren McCann

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