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Catalogue Design

The Cuff & Billy

Branding & Print  Design

Looking for a professional take on current designs The Cuff came knocking. A little re-branding here and a little creative concept there we landing on something great.

Brochure Design

Wholesale Sports

Print, Web & Social Design

A whole lot of everything has been designed and re-branded for this national retailer.

Business Card Design

Shakers Fun Centre

Print, Web & Social Design

Sometimes the high fee's of an agency can be drag. Juxt was able to pick up where they left off. The branding was already complete... Juxt just adds a creative twist to it.

Deja Vu Kids

Logo  Design

A fun little favourite. Sometimes the smallest projects are the most fun!

Logo Design
Cookbook Design

MEG Energy

Print  Design

Working with the marketing communication team, Juxt creates a plethora of items for MEG. A great example of how I work together with larger in-house teams to make magic.


Turkish Eye Designs

Branding & Logo  Design

A great little local company looking for a great little way to present themselves. Simple design with a big impact. Looks good!

Post Card Design

Momentum Health

Print  Design

This local company needed a fresh new look. They had a logo, they had a brand, they just needed some design help. Juxt just keeps pounding out projects for them.


Branding , Logo and Print Design

One of my longest clients. LD&A (also known as Lynn Donaldson & Associates) always has Juxt working on something. Whether that be a new logo, a magazine ad, mail advertisement or client books. Something is always up with them.

Custom book Design
Logo and Stationary Design


Branding , Logo and Print Design

A local garden and design company with a pretty look. Juxt works closely together with this small entrepreneur to ensure their vision is realized. 

Project 1
Project 2
Project 3
Project 4
Project 5
Project 6
Project 7
Project 8
Project 9

More Projects

Check out a few other creatives that include Branding, Logo Design, Business Card Design, Website Design and more.

More Projects
Menu Design
logo Design
Logo and Business Card Design
Invite Design
Web Design
Custom Graphics

CCI Solutions Inc

Web & Print Design

When a client is happy a lot of things can start happening.

Catalogue Design
Project 10

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